Florida GoldCoast Figure Skating Club


The Florida GoldCoast Figure Skating Club was founded in 1994. Since that time we have been able to offer Club Ice to figure skaters all year round. The club is an organization made up of parents, coaches, arena management and skaters. It is here to serve and guide you by being supportive, encouraging and informative during a skater’s career.



The Florida GoldCoast Figure Skating Club has held a large number of test sessions in our area and has been able to maintain the offering of Club Ice even during Florida’s summer months. Test sessions lead to advancement for our skaters. We offer Free Style, Dance, and Moves In The Field sessions. With the input and help of the GoldCoast Ice Arena, a well rounded figure skating program is available for all levels. We do not allow more than 25 skaters on the ice at one time. This is a policy that insures quality sessions and a safe skating environment at all times.

Joining the club is important for many reasons. As a skater, if you wish to test in order to advance in the sport of figure skating, being a member of a club is necessary. The F.G.C.F.S.C offers a full membership status with the United States Figure Skating Association (U.S.F.S.A.) which governs the sport of figure skating through Olympic level.



Once you have a U.S.F.S.A. membership number, you are permitted to test and compete in U.S.F.S.A. sanctioned events. Without this membership number you cannot do so. The club also offers discounted rates to members only, including member rates for test sessions. We give first priority to our club members during busy test sessions. We recommend a family membership for those skaters under the age of 18. This gives the parents a chance a chance to vote on behalf of their child on many club issues.

We welcome you to join our figure skating family here at the Florida GoldCoast Figure Skating Club where all our skaters (varying in different ages and levels) come together to support and encourage one another. Each skater, no one more important than the other, shares a common interest – the love for a sport. Reaching personal goals and dreams with a group of friends that grow together, is what this club is all about. Your help is appreciated and encouraged.

We look forward to a bright and strong future filled with many years of accomplishments and growth together.

Please contact GoldCoast Ice Arena’s Pro Shop for further information at (954) 943-1437.